Carrat Kake

dream weavers of music and food and far away places


Coco is a day dreamer. She loves to sit on the bow of the Mata Hari and count the flying fish jump along side the boat. One day she counted a hundred and seventy six. A record. 
In the evening she cooks them dinner while Lala reads stories to her out loud and they play their favorite records. She enjoys experimenting with exotic spices that she collects on their travels through different ports. The more obscure the better. Some would say she has a small obsession. But to her it's an adventure...and not just a culinary one. 
Once, while sailing through the Indian Ocean, Coco and Lala got attacked by Somalian pirates. It was a horrific scene. There was blood everywhere. Charlie almost lost his other eye.
The Somalians had heard that two women and a parrot were in possession of a small item the size of a lemon that was worth more then the Treasure of Lima.
It was true. Coco had a tiny box belonging to Alexander the Great. It was filled with the highest grade of Persian saffron known to man. It is said that Alexander would sprinkle it into warm bath water to heal his wounds, just like Cyrus the Great and it was one of Coco's most prized possessions. 
When the Somalians made her choose between that tiny box of saffron and Charlie's only eye, she hesitated briefly before giving into their demands.
Charlie is still a little sore about that.