Carrat Kake

dream weavers of music and food and far away places


Lala is particularly interested in the Pterois, also known as the lionfish. They are native to the Indo-Pacific but because of an incident involving an aquarium and a hurricane in Florida, they have now taken over the waters of the Caribbean Sea. Their only predator in that region, the grouper can't keep the population down so humans are now taking up arms against them. Some might call it a new sport, like hunting geese.  
But unlike geese, one has to be extremely careful when trying to catch or kill a lionfish as they are extremely venomous. If stung, you may experience temporary paralysis of the limbs, heart failure, and even death. Lala has become quite good at catching this invasive species and when she does, Coco makes sushi for them. They don't believe in killing for killing sake. And before each meal they always sing a song of thanks to the creature they are about to consume. 
One day, while diving with turtles off the coast of Jamaica, Lala came face to face with the biggest and most beautiful lionfish she had ever seen. It was mesmerizing and when she looked into it's eyes, Lala fell in love with the thing. She didn't know if she had the heart to kill it but she knew that Jamaica's coral reef ecosystem was at risk if she let it live. 
So she reached for her knife, looked into it's eyes and made one of the hardest decisions of her life. As she raised her arm to slay that giant fish a baby shark came out of nowhere and bit her pinky toe off. She cried out in pain as the lionfish swam away leaving her to drown in her own cloud of blood. Feeling faint but determined she used what little strength she had left to swim to the surface where Coco and Charlie rescued her. 
Lala only has 9 toes left but she doesn't mind. Part of her is happy that she didn't kill that beautiful and enormous lionfish and she's doing all she can to save the Caribbean coral reefs from this terrible lionfish invasion.